Tokaj wine route


  • stredoveké tokajské pivnice vytesané do sopečných tufových hornín
  • presents the life of the people of this area, technology of wine production, unique folklore and cultural and historical traditions

Package includes

  • Transfer and instructor during whole day

Not included

  • Wine tasting
  • Lunch


Duration: 1 day / Transfer to Trebišov is about 2 hours from Poprad Age: 18 + Grousize: 1 – 8 Dates: April – November


1 – 2 traveler: 80€ 3 – 8 traveles: 50€ More than 8 travelers – on request

Tokaj is the smallest wine-growing region in Slovakia (area of 907 ha) and the world. Wines coming from this area are of high quality, have their ancient history, unique taste and smell. Its route leads through the historical area around Trebišov through seven villages of the Trebišov district and belongs to the category of natural and cultural heritage. In addition to visiting seven villages, traveling along the road also includes meetings with wine growers and producers, craftsmen, sightseeing of cultural and historical monuments, wine shops, wine bars.

The rarity of the wine route is the medieval Tokaj cellars carved into volcanic tuff rocks. The cellars date back to the period of the Turkish wars, when they were built as shelters from robberies. Some cellars are carved to a depth of 8 to 16 m.



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