Events & Teambuildings

Cafe Dedo on Lomnicky peak2,634 meters above sea level

At Lomnický peak will be fulfilled all your wishes and believe that a glass of quality sparkling wine will have an altitude of 2,634 m above sea level. Take a cable car to the summit of Lomnicky Peak and spend an unforgettable evening.

Lomnicky štít
Dinner under the stars
Dinner under the starsSkalnate Lake

Experience an unconventional dinner right under the Tatra stars and enjoy the night atmosphere of the mountains. During this adventurous evening, there is a night ride by the cable car to Skalnaté lake, a great dinner in the new, modern Panorama restaurant and a unique experience in the form of observation of the starry sky and a commentary from scientists from the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Treetop path

Get the entrance of the treetop path by the cable car and enjoy beautiful scenery of the High Tatras and Pieniny National park from the treetop.

Adventure Rafting on river BeláHigh Tatras National Park

Rafting on the Bela River is certainly one of the most beautiful natural rafts in Slovakia. Offers a beautiful surroundings of forests and hills, under the famous peak of High Tatras Mountains Kriváň.

Bringing food on backpacks to the mountain hut

Try to by an mountain carrier and bring with the team a food to one of the mountain huts by useing backpacks. Picnic and Tatratea (52%) is the reward for the team.

Bringing food

Each team is cooking the special slovak food Guláš, using only compass and azimuth. The best Guláš portion wins.

Triathlon Disciplines for winter triathlon:

Competitive relay run using snowshoes, Slalom ride on snowbikes, shooting airsoft weapons / slingshot.

Disciplines for summer triathlon:

Rescue relay running with stretchers, slalom ride on eccentric bicycle, shooting airsoft weapons / slingshot

Tatry Travelia is a partner of the city Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras) and prepare for the visitors many unique events during the whole year. Taste of India in the Tatras Event of cult Czech and Slovak film Perinbaba